Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

A smoke test determines whether software development is stable or not. A smoke test ensures that the QA team will continue to test additional software. Tests are performed on each of the sites to evaluate software performance. The smoke test is also known as the “Building Assurance Test” or the “Confidence Test.”

Smoke Testing is done whenever the new functionalities of software are developed and integrated with existing build that are deployed in QA/staging environment. It makes certain whether all critical functionalities are working correctly or not.

At TechCryptors, Smoke tests are done both manually and automatically. Smoke tests are typically run manually. Smoke testing is performed to ensure that the critical path navigation is as expected and does not affect functionality. Once the build is approved by QA, we run and test your high-priority functional test cases to find any critical bugs in your system.

However, you can also run against smoke tests using a set of automated test cases. With the help of automated testing, developers can check builds as soon as new builds are ready for deployment.

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