Certificate Number

Generate a CERTIFICATE NUMBER from your keys by following the simple steps mentioned below.
Also, verify generated certificate number

What to do with Keys?

Dear Recipient,

We’ve shared a KEY with you to generate your Certificate Number. Follow these steps:

1. Visit https://techcryptors.com/certificate
2. Access the “Generate Certificate Number” window.
3. Enter your KEY and click verify to confirm your course details.
4. Fill in the required details with your working Email & Phone Number.
5. Click on “REGISTER” to receive your dedicated UNIQ CERTIFICATE NUMBER via the EMAIL mentioned during verification.
6. Congratulations! You now possess a valid CERTIFICATION with TECH CRYPTORS.
7. Input your Certificate Number in the verification window for WORLDWIDE authentication.

Well done! You’ve joined the ranks of thousands whose TECH CRYPTORS certifications have propelled them forward in Job promotions, securing new opportunities, internships, pursuing higher studies, and overall growth. Stay connected, keep upgrading, and continue growing with TECH CRYPTORS.

Thank you,
Research & Development Department

Generate Certificate Number


Verify Certificate Number

Cert. Number:

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