MS PowerPoint

Learn essential skills to create dynamic and visually captivating presentations.

MS PowerPoint

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Embark on an exhilarating journey with Tech Cryptors MS PowerPoint mastery course! Amplify your presentation prowess and captivate audiences with visually stunning slides. Unlock the potential of this powerful tool as you master animation, multimedia integration, and dynamic transitions. Elevate your professional image and leave a lasting impact in every presentation. Enroll now and seize the opportunity to dazzle with compelling and persuasive presentations!


Familiarize yourself with MS PowerPoint interface, including the ribbon, toolbar, and various view options, to efficiently access presentation features.

Learn how to use the Backstage view to manage your presentations, including saving, opening, and printing files, as well as accessing important settings and options.

Discover how to create a new ms powerpoint presentation from scratch, providing a foundation for organizing and presenting your ideas.

Master the art of adding new slides to your powerpoint presentation to structure your content effectively.

Explore how to insert and edit text within slide placeholders or text boxes to communicate your message clearly.

Learn how to add additional text boxes to your slides, enabling flexible content placement and arrangement.

Find out how to remove unnecessary slides to streamline your presentation and keep it focused.

Easily rearrange slide order to refine the flow of your presentation and improve overall coherence.

Add speaker notes to your slides to assist during presentations or share additional information with your audience.

Organize your slides into sections for better content organization and presentation structure.

Yes. Tech Cryptors is ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY under IAF. Also, we are in collaboration with Shastra INDIAN INSTITUTES TECHNOLOGY Madras. CERTIFICATION will have the significance of the above.
We conduct this course in BOTH online and offline modes. You can choose the mode suitable for you, even you can SWITCH modes for a couple of lectures in case of any personal issues and emergencies.
In one batch we allow MAXIMUM 4 students Because we believe that to have a better understanding and to excel in this course PERSONAL ATTENTION is needed.
We have new batches starting every 15 days, But you should register asap for your desired date because our batches are filling fast. Batch timings are also kept AS PER YOUR TIME CONVENIENCE, we don’t have any rigid preassigned slots.
Well, you can SCROLL DOWN and click on WHATSAPP CHAT text OR CLICK HERE to talk with our customer care executive. We are happy to help you with all of your questions and details.

Explore outline view to quickly edit and rearrange slide content in a hierarchical format.

Utilize the MS PowerPoint sidebar to access quick actions and features while creating and editing your presentation.

Switch between different presentation views, such as Normal, Slide Sorter, and Reading View, for efficient editing and reviewing.

Customize slide backgrounds with colors, images, or patterns to enhance visual appeal and theme consistency.

Set slide orientations to landscape or portrait mode based on your presentation needs.

Learn various methods to save your presentation to avoid data loss and enable easy sharing in MS PowerPoint.

Review and revise your ms powerpoint presentation using collaboration and reviewing tools to ensure accuracy and quality.

Insert slide numbers for better slide navigation and audience reference during presentations.

Customize header and footer content to display relevant information on each slide consistently.

Practice running a slide show to rehearse and present your content smoothly.

Discover useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your PowerPoint workflow and improve productivity

Use copy and paste commands to duplicate and move content within your presentation quickly.

Locate specific text or elements and replace them throughout your presentation for consistency.

Learn how to undo and redo changes to restore your ms powerpoint presentation to a previous state.

Utilize the spelling check feature to correct any spelling errors in your ms powerpoint presentation.

Explore translation options to create presentations in different languages to cater to diverse audiences in MS PowerPoint.

Set the language type for your presentation to ensure accurate spell checking and language-specific formatting.

Duplicate shapes, images, and other elements to maintain design consistency and save time.

Insert special characters and symbols to enhance your presentation's visual appeal and information representation.

Zoom in and out of slides during editing and presentation to focus on specific details or get an overview.

Understand font options and settings to maintain consistent typography throughout your presentation.

Choose appropriate fonts for different content elements to enhance readability and visual impact.

Apply text decoration styles such as bold, italic, and underline to emphasize important text.

Easily change text case to uppercase, lowercase, or title case for uniformity.

Adjust text size to emphasize headings or improve readability of slide content.

Use text color options to create visual contrasts and highlight important information.

Align text within placeholders or text boxes to improve presentation aesthetics.

Adjust paragraph indentation to organize slide content and create clear visual hierarchy.

Control line spacing to optimize readability and ensure appropriate content spacing.

Apply borders and shading to slide elements to create visual separation and focus on important content.

Format your slides consistently to create a professional and polished presentation.

Understand and utilize the slide master to apply consistent formatting and layout to all slides.

Save a customized design template for future presentations with consistent branding and styles.

Insert images and photos into your presentation to enhance visual impact.

Modify and edit images within PowerPoint for better integration with your content.

Apply formatting options to images for improved visual appeal and alignment with the presentation theme.

Capture and insert screenshots directly into your presentation to demonstrate specific elements.

Utilize shapes to create visual aids, diagrams, and infographics in your presentation.

Customize and modify shapes to suit your design requirements.

Apply formatting options to shapes for consistency and visual enhancement.

Add text to shapes for further explanation and context.

Arrange and align shapes and images for a more organized and visually appealing presentation.

Group and ungroup objects to manage them together or independently.

Embed audio and video files to make your presentation more engaging and interactive.

Insert and format tables to organize and present tabular data clearly.

Create and customize charts to visualize data and trends effectively.

Use SmartArt graphics to present complex information in a visually appealing way.

Apply entrance and exit animations to slide elements for engaging and dynamic presentations.

Add slide transitions to create smooth and visually pleasing slide changes.

Convert your presentation to PDF format for easy sharing and distribution

Export your presentation as a video to share or upload on various platforms.

Save individual slides as image files for use in other documents or online sharing.

Print your powerpoint presentation or specific slides for handouts or physical distribution.

Use PowerPoint's broadcast feature to present your slides remotely to an online audience.

Package your presentation with linked files for easy sharing and portability.

Protect your ms powerpoint presentation with a password to restrict unauthorized access.

Email your ms powerpoint presentation directly from PowerPoint for quick sharing with others.

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TECH CRYPTORS is an ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY, also in COLLABORATION with shaastra, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, madras. Certification will be with Significance of above for attended TRAINING COURSE. Also, every certificate will have a Unique Certificate Number, which will be helpful WORLDWIDE to verify the validity of every individual certificate using

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