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This MIT App Inventor course is to learn about the development of android apps using the Drag and Drop technique. Yes, professional applications are made using hard code coding but this technique helps to build the logic necessary for developing it.

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About MIT App Inventor

Step by step, you’ll learn the art of app creation with Tech Cryptors – from designing vibrant interfaces to crafting interactive features that respond to your touch. With MIT App Inventor’s user-friendly visual programming, you’ll build your apps by simply snapping blocks together, turning your concepts into code without writing a single line.

Course Content

Introduction to App Development

Exploring the basics of app development and its relevance in today’s digital age.

Getting Started with MIT App Inventor

Step-by-step guide on accessing and setting up MIT App Inventor

Introduction to MIT App Inventor’s interface and tools.

Navigating the platform and understanding its components.

Designing Your First App

Creating a simple app interface using visual design tools.

Adding buttons, labels, and images to create a user-friendly interface.

Exploring App Components

Overview of the design and blocks editor, as well as the emulator for testing

Understanding different app components: buttons, text boxes, sensors, etc.

Learning to use components to build interactive features.

Adding functionality to app components through event handlers.

Understanding layouts for organizing UI components.

Visual Programming with Blocks

Incorporating images and sounds into your apps

Introduction to visual programming using drag-and-drop blocks.

Navigating between screens using buttons and menus.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Creating personalized user experiences through stored data.

Integrating media elements like images and sounds into the app.

App Testing and Debugging

Importance of testing apps on different devices.

Overview of app publishing and sharing options.

Steps to package and publish your app to app stores

Identifying and resolving common problems in app development

Summarizing key concepts and skills learned in the course.

Resources and recommendations for advancing mobile app development skills

Tech Cryptors

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