Mobile App Control Robot

Unlock the World of Wireless Communication Systems with This Course!!

This course is a gateway to entering wireless communication systems. Children will explore the intricacies of Bluetooth communication, mastering the art of calibration with our robot, culminating in the exciting ability to control the robot seamlessly using a mobile application.

mobile app control robot

About Mobile App Control Robot

Android is an open mobile phone platform that was developed by Google and, later, by the Open Handset Alliance. Our team had a different thought while working on Android OS and world of applications. For anything or everything we are using applications then why should we forget our best friend “Robot”. We call it as “Bluetooth Controlled Robot”. What are you thinking while reading the name “Bluetooth Controlled Robot”??? Feeling like fairytale story, no, it’s real. 

Course Content

Overview of the current state of mobile app-controlled robots and their significance in various industries.

Understanding the concept of robot control via mobile apps and its applications.

Exploring robot components: motors, wheels, chassis, and microcontroller.

Detailed explanation of motors, motor controllers, and servo motors for precise robot movement.

Introduction to mobile app development platforms

Step-by-step guide to assembling the robot chassis and mounting components.

Exploring different types of robot chassis and mobility mechanisms for your projects

Setting up wireless communication between the robot and the mobile app.

Using mobile app interface for robot control.

Exploring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication protocols for connecting the mobile app to the robot.

Writing code to interpret app commands and control robot movements.

Detailed instructions on establishing communication links between the app and the robot using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules.

Configuring the app to receive sensor data from the robot for real-time feedback

Initial tests to ensure proper communication and robot response.

Incorporating sensor data into app control.

Expanding app functionalities with additional controls and customization.

Designing challenges and collaborative projects

Identifying common issues in mobile app-controlled robots and debugging techniques.

Steps for enabling IoT capabilities in your mobile app-controlled robot

Exploring advanced applications and emerging trends in robotic control.

Strategies for optimizing the performance of your mobile app-controlled robot.

Covering all the concepts explained in the course with a mini-project.

Resources and recommendations for further exploration in robotics and app development

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