DataBase Management

Database management refers to the practice of organizing, storing, and retrieving data efficiently and securely within a structured system. It involves the design, creation, and maintenance of databases, as well as the implementation of appropriate security measures and data integrity constraints.

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learn about data types and operators into MySQL
– learn to create, rename and drop (delete) database.

learn different table queries into MySQL. learn to select table rows by different methods in MySQL. learn ordering methods in MySQL


Students will learn to create a Database in a Database Engine using Ms SQL Server DB. They will learn about the benefits of server side database system.

It involves mastering the SQL language and become proficient in writing complex queries to retrieve, update, and delete data from SQL Server databases.


Students will learn about database using MongoDB. They will gain a solid understanding of the principles and benefits of NoSQL databases, with a specific focus on MongoDB, a highly popular and widely adopted NoSQL database.

It involves learning how to design and structure data in MongoDB using its document-based model, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability in your applications.


Students will learn to create and manage Database using Ms Access DB. They will gain a deep understanding of Microsoft Access and become proficient in managing databases, allowing you to organize and retrieve information efficiently.

It involves understanding the importance of data validation and learn how to enforce data integrity rules in Microsoft Access, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your database.

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