Angular for Web UI

Student will create their own Web UI using Angular. They will unlock the power of Angular and build dynamic web applications that impress.

Angular for Web UI

Angular is a TypeScript-based, free and open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. 

Tech Cryptors Angular for Web UI offers an comprehensive course specifically designed for professionals and working employees in Mumbai, India. This course provides in-depth training on Angular, a popular framework for building modern web applications, and equips participants with the skills needed to develop robust and interactive user interfaces. Join Tech Cryptors Angular course and enhance your web development expertise to excel in your career. Angular is a single-page application framework which is used for creating fast web Applications. It uses concepts of single-page application in which UI is delivered in the beginning of application request and later only data is requested which makes single-page application applications fast. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS.

We have Trained professionals from

Understand concept and need of Angular for web development

Understand architecture of Angular

Learn about installation steps of Angular and NodeJs

Learn to create and run basic Angular application

Learn to create componenets which are main building block for Angular applications

Learn to create services which is broad category encompassing any value, function, or feature that an application needs

Learn to cretae modules which loads as a collection of JavaScript modules

Learn about Angular templates which uses special syntax to create many of Angular's features

Learn about ngIf directive that conditionally includes a template based on the value of an expression coerced to Boolean

Learn about ngClass directive that conditionally binds one or more CSS classes to an HTML element

Learn about string interpolation which is a one-way data-binding technique that is used to transfer the data from a TypeScript code to an HTML

Learn property binding which moves a value in one direction, from a component's property into a target element property

Learn event binding which lets you listen for and respond to user actions such as keystrokes, mouse movements, clicks, and touches

Learn two-way binding which listens for events and update values simultaneously between parent and child components

Tech Cryptors
Yes. Tech Cryptors is ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY under IAF. Also, we are in collaboration with Shastra INDIAN INSTITUTES TECHNOLOGY Madras. CERTIFICATION will have the significance of the above.
We conduct this course in BOTH online and offline modes. You can choose the mode suitable for you, even you can SWITCH modes for a couple of lectures in case of any personal issues and emergencies.
In one batch we allow MAXIMUM 4 students Because we believe that to have a better understanding and to excel in this course PERSONAL ATTENTION is needed.
We have new batches starting every 15 days, But you should register asap for your desired date because our batches are filling fast. Batch timings are also kept AS PER YOUR TIME CONVENIENCE, we don’t have any rigid preassigned slots.
Well, you can SCROLL DOWN and click on WHATSAPP CHAT text OR CLICK HERE to talk with our customer care executive. We are happy to help you with all of your questions and details.

Learn reactive forms provide a model-driven approach to handling form inputs whose values change over time

Learn template-driven forms use two-way data binding to update the data model in the component as changes are made in the template and vice versa

Learn to add form validation to template-driven forms and reactive forms

Learn how to make template-driven and reactive forms prefilled

Learn to use pipes to transform strings, currency amounts, dates, and other data for display

Learn to create own custom pipe to encapsulate transformations that are not provided with the built-in pipes

Learn about concept of navigation and routing that enables navigation by interpreting a browser URL as an instruction to change the view

Learn to handle parameters sent in navigation correspond to the path variables you define in the route

Learn to implement an HTTP client API for Angular apps that relies on the XMLHttpRequest interface exposed by browsers

Learn to create a login and signup page by storing and capturing data from database

Learn to build and deploy Angular application

Prepares you for Angular Training certification

Tech Cryptors

Note For Certification

TECH CRYPTORS is an ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY, also in COLLABORATION with shaastra, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, madras. Certification will be with Significance of above for attended TRAINING COURSE. Also, every certificate will have a Unique Certificate Number, which will be helpful WORLDWIDE to verify the validity of every individual certificate using

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