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Step into the future of interactive technology with our Gesture Controlled Robot, where your every movement becomes a command! Explore the captivating world of robotics and learn to engineer a responsive and intuitive machine.

gesture controlled robot

About Gesture Controlled Robot

Embark on an exhilarating adventure into the realm of robotics with tech Cryptors Gesture Controlled Robot Building course! Get ready to make your robotic dreams come true by learning how to build robots that respond to your every gesture. From understanding the basics of motion detection to programming intricate hand movements, this course will guide you through the fascinating world of gesture-based control.

Course Content

Introduction to Gesture Controlled Robots

Understanding the concept of gesture-based control in robotics.

Exploring the real-world applications of gesture controlled robots.

Understanding Robot Anatomy and Components

Overview of essential robot components: motors, wheels, chassis, and microcontroller.

Review on basic electronics concepts, including voltage, current, and resistance.

Introduction to gesture recognition sensors and their role in detecting hand movements.

Understanding Basics of Gesture Recognition

Overview of different gesture sensor technologies and their operation

Understanding how gesture recognition sensors work

Exploring different types of hand gestures for controlling robots.

Connecting and configuring gesture sensors with microcontrollers

Learn how to how to process and interpret gesture data

Building the Robot Chassis

Step-by-step guide to assembling the robot chassis.

Mounting motors, wheels, and sensors to enable mobility and gesture detection.

Understanding the different motor types 

Introduction to motor control for robot movement

Learn to control motor speed 

Learn to control motor direction

Learn how to connect the parts together.

Wiring the motors, gesture sensor, and microcontroller.

Ensuring proper connections for effective communication between components.

Programming the Gesture Recognition Logic

Understanding how gesture recognition algorithms work.

Introduction to coding platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) for robot control.

Writing code to interpret sensor data and translate gestures into robot actions.

Learning Testing and Calibration

Calibrating the gesture sensor for accurate gesture recognition.

Ensuring proper sensor readings and responsiveness.

Learn about Gesture Mapping and Control

Mapping specific gestures to distinct robot movements.

Implementing a basic gesture-based control scheme.

 Fine-Tuning and Responsiveness

Refining gesture recognition for smoother robot control.

Troubleshooting common issues related to gesture recognition.

Revising all the topics covered in the course with a project.

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