Arduino Kids Training is an Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users, specifically kids, to create interactive electronic objects.

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About Arduino kids Training

In this Arduino kids training, kids will embark on an adventure of discovery, learning how to turn their ideas into reality using Arduino – a powerful microcontroller that’s at the heart of countless devices and innovations. Guided by our expert instructors, your young learners will dive into hands-on activities, interactive projects, and playful experiments that will teach them fundamental concepts while sparking their imaginations.

Course Content

Introduction to Arduino

Overview of Arduino as an open-source electronics platform for building interactive projects

Introduction to different Arduino boards (e.g., Arduino Uno, Nano) and their features

Understanding the Arduino Integrated Development Environment for writing and uploading code.

Installing the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) on a computer

Writing and uploading your first program

Learning basic coding for controlling Arduino

Introduction to circuits, voltage, current, and resistance

Understanding various components like LEDs, resistors, breadboards, and jumper wires

Understanding digital signals

Arduino interfacing with LED

Using push buttons to control LEDs

Learn how to integrate LCD with Arduino 

Connecting and displaying information on character LCDs

Exploring analog signals

Reading values from a potentiometer and using them to control LED brightness

Introduction to sensors and actuators 

Arduino interfacing with BUZZER

Generating basic tones and melodies using a piezo buzzer

Introduction to serial communication and its importance

Understanding the basics of robotics and how Arduino can be used

Understanding IoT and how Arduino can be used in IoT projects.

Building a final project

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