Remote Controlled Robot

About Remote Controlled Robot

Remote-controlled robots are cutting-edge technological marvels that have the power to extend human capabilities and reach into environments that are challenging, dangerous, or simply beyond our physical reach. These robots serve as our digital avatars, allowing us to interact, explore, and accomplish tasks in locations that were once unreachable or inhospitable.

Welcome to Tech Cryptors immersive Remote Controlled Robot Course, where you’ll dive into the captivating world of robotics, technology, and exploration.

What will you learn???

● Introduction to Remote Controlled Robots
● Robot Components and Assembly
● Remote Control Setup and Testing
● Robot Challenges and Practice

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to Remote Controlled Robots
● Overview of Remote Controlled Robots
● Exploring various types of remote control mechanisms
● Learn essential safety guidelines for operating remote-controlled robots and handling their components

Session 2: Robot Components and Assembly
● Understanding Robot Anatomy
● Learn step-by-step instructions for assembling the robot
● Gain a basic understanding of electronic components, circuits, and connections used in remote-controlled robots

Session 3: Remote Control Setup and Testing
● Learn Remote Control Configuration
● Learn Testing and Calibration
● Learn Navigation and Maneuvering

Session 4: Robot Challenges and Practice
●Basic Programming Concepts
● Robot Customization
● Working on further creative ideas that can be implemented on robots

Note For Certification

TECH CRYPTORS is an ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY, also in COLLABORATION with shaastra, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, madras. Certification will be with Significance of above for attended TRAINING COURSE. Also, every certificate will have a Unique Certificate Number, which will be helpful WORLDWIDE to verify the validity of every individual certificate using, which will have the participant’s name, course name, date & other required details.
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