PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are essential components in industrial automation. PLCs are specialized computers used to control machines and processes in manufacturing, while SCADA systems monitor, collect data, and provide real-time visualization of industrial processes. PLCs execute control logic based on programmed instructions, enabling precise automation of tasks.

SCADA systems facilitate centralized monitoring, remote control, and data analysis, enhancing efficiency, reducing downtime, and improving decision-making in industries such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation. Understanding PLCs and SCADA is crucial for individuals seeking a career in industrial automation and control systems.

What will you learn???

● Introduction to Automation and its Applications
● Introduction to PLC and its Applications
● How to create your own PLC Program
● Introduction to SCADA and HMI
● Applications like Traffic control, batch filling process, Packaging etc.

Course Content

Part 1: Theory & Software Distribution
● Theoretical knowledge on Automation and PLC
● Types of Automation
● Brief Explanation on PLC
● Applications of PLC
● RS LOGIX-500 Software Distribution
● Installation of RS-LOGIX 500 software & its Drivers

Part 2: Description of RS-LOGIX 500 Software and Basic
Programming of PLC using LADDER Logic
● Introduction to RS-LOGIX Software
● Detailed Study of LADDER logic and its Programming instructions
● Start / Stop LED using LADDER Logic
● Ladder Logic Programs on Timers and Counters

Part 3: Creating own Ladder Logic on RS-LOGIX 500
● Ladder Logic Program DOOR SIMULATION. 
● Ladder Logic Program for TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROL
● Introduction to SCADA and its Applications
● Example on Process Flow Diagram

Part 4: Introduction to SCADA, Software Installation and
● Understanding Functionality of SCADA
● Understanding Ladder Logic Program for SILO
● Understanding Ladder Logic Program for BATCH SIMULATION SYSTEM
● Introduction of HMI and its Need

● Competition 

Note For Certification

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