Video Making

Embark on an exciting journey with our Video Making Kids Training. Exploring, Learning and using different software like Audacity, Campsatsia, Power Point etc.

video making kids training

Video Making Kids Training

Lights, camera, creativity! Join Tech Cryptors video making course and embark on a journey to express yourself through the art of visual storytelling. Our course offers hands-on learning, expert guidance, and a platform to bring your ideas to life. Discover the world of video creation, from capturing moments to editing magic. Enroll today in Video Making Kids Training and let your imagination take center stage!”

Course Content

Introduction to Video Creation

Learn the basics of camera angles, shots, and framing.

Explore the tools and equipment needed for video production.

Exploring the world of video editing software

Learn how to trim the video/audio, split, cut ,etc.

Understanding how to add transitions between two clips 

Learn to apply filter options 

Learn to adjust saturation, hue, contrast, brightness, and more

Learn how to add text in a video 

Learn how to give animation to the text added to the video 

Learn to add object and shapes to make it more attractive 

Learn to add shadow effect to text and objects

Learn how to merge audio and video 

 Learn how to extract audio from video 

Get creative ideas for using audio in a specific niche of video 

Learn to share project and work with multiple people 

Learn to share the video on various social media platforms

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