Training & Courses


In this, we provide personal training with CERTIFICATION at our Classrooms, Students Place or Online which depends on student’s choice. There is extensive training which is 99% PRACTICAL & hands-on, for the duration of 1 WEEK TO 1 YEAR depending on the opted package.
Workshops & Webinars
In this, we provide classroom or online training depending on the mode suggested by the organizer. These are normally short-term programs, which can be organized by colleges, schools, classes, companies, or any enthusiast individual for the duration of 1day to 4days.

Tech Cryptors

We provide guidance & help in technical projects for Engineering, Diploma, B.Sc. – M.Sc., Masters & even Ph.D. Students from COMPS, IT, EXTC & All other fields along with guidance & training for the same.

Tech Cryptors
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