Tableau Data Visualization

Learn to create your own Maps, different functions, charts, dashboard for data visualization

About Tableau Data Visualization

Data Analytics is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusion and supporting decision-making. 

Tech Cryptors Tableau Data Visualization course is about Data Analytics using TABLEAU. It contains learning basic to advance TABLEAU which is Industrial Level software, used by leading companies in data analytics. Which helps us to create Dashboards, Data Visualization & many more things to understand data in more better ways & for analyzing. Analytics options, and doing automation which eventually results in making their work easy and graceful. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, and is used in different business, science, and social science domains. In today’s business world, data analysis plays a role in making decisions more scientific and helping businesses operate more effectively.

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Introduction to Tableau Data Visualization

Understanding Tableau: A Powerful Data Visualization Tool

Tableau Setup & Understanding Features Practically

Exploring the Features and Capabilities of Tableau Software

Using Tableau for Data Analysis and Insights

Tableau Flow & Navigation

Read multiple datasheets at the same time and review them in single sheet

Linking with Data Sources & performing Data Extraction

Text input tool to create own data input by adding data manually

Preparing Data for Blending

Exploring Bar Plot

Creating Pie, Bubble, Area & All kind of charts & Plots.

Practically performing calculation of cross tab for Table Visuals.

Data cleansing tool to fix common data quality issues

Learning to create quick table calculations.

Calibrating that with different attributes.

Visualizing Data according to geographical conditions on the MAP.

Performing different functions using Map & data.


Creating your own data region groups using Lasso, Radial selectors.

Compare it with existing data to notice the gap between different attributes

Calibrating tabs according to our needs.

tableau data visualization
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We conduct this course in BOTH online and offline modes. You can choose the mode suitable for you, even you can SWITCH modes for a couple of lectures in case of any personal issues and emergencies.
In one batch we allow MAXIMUM 4 students Because we believe that to have a better understanding and to excel in this course PERSONAL ATTENTION is needed.
We have new batches starting every 15 days, But you should register asap for your desired date because our batches are filling fast. Batch timings are also kept AS PER YOUR TIME CONVENIENCE, we don’t have any rigid preassigned slots.
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Formatting of sheets according to our visual needs.

Creating Annotations for highlighting features of Area, Point & marks.

Visualizing data according to categories by creating Filters.

Making trendline using current data values.

Creating Forecast for predicting & estimating future values.

Making your own dashboard, adding different attributes to it.

Exploring functions of Dashboard.

Learning to create motion charts & exploring different attributes of it.

Playing with color, size, details & other stuff required for sheets & dashboard visuals.

Linking with the new raw data source. & dashboard visuals.

Understanding & performing preprocessing for working on data sources.& dashboard visuals.

Changing random format of data tabs to adequate format. & dashboard visuals.

Creating plots with the help of different shapes & their features.

Calibrating our own shapes with tableau according to need.

Performing aggregation & understanding need of it.

Creating calculated field for different functions & understanding need of it.

Performing calculations to create a new tab according to our need.

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Creating storylines & calibrating them with dashboards, worksheets etc.

Exploring multiple functions of Tableau for performing different tasks.

Best Practices for Effective Tableau Data Visualization

Understanding Tableau Data Visualizations examples

Prepares you for Tableau Data Visualization certification

Note For Certification

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