Javascript for Web UI

Student will create their own dynamic Web UI using JavaScript. They will add interactivity, validate forms, manipulate data, and perform various client-side operations.

Javascript for Web UI

JavaScript for Web UI is a seamless and engaging user interface is crucial for the success of any website. 

This Tech Cryptor’s JavaScript for web UI course will delve into the fundamentals and advanced concepts of JavaScript, focusing specifically on its application for web user interfaces. From manipulating the DOM to adding interactivity and animations, you will learn how to leverage the power of JavaScript to craft visually appealing, responsive, and interactive web interfaces. JavaScript, as a versatile and dynamic programming language, plays a pivotal role in creating exceptional web experiences.

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Overview of Javascript

Learn JavaScript variable which is a name of storage location and global variable which is declared outside the function or declared with window object.

Learn data types in javascript to hold different types of values.

Understand and code for operators that are used to perform operations on operands.

Learn to code for if-else statement which is used to execute the code whether condition is true or false.

Learn javaScript switch statement which is used to execute one code from multiple expressions.

Understand while loop which iterates the elements for the infinite number of times.

Learn do-while loop iterates the elements for the infinite number of times like while loop. But, code is executed at least once whether condition is true or false.

Learn for loop which iterates the elements for the fixed number of times.

Understand for in loop which is used to iterate the properties of an object.

Learn to create a function which is reusable block of code by passing arguments to it and also by returning value from it.

Learn javaScript object which is an entity having state and behavior (properties and method).

Learn and code for array which is an object that represents a collection of similar type of elements.

Code for javaScript date object can be used to get year, month and day.

Learn math object provides several constants and methods to perform mathematical operation.

Learn window object of javascript which can be helpful to show alert of information boxes.

Learn and code for javascript DOM which is used to fetch elements by their ID and class names.

Understand and code to make changes in HTML page using javascript DOM.

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Perform CSS styling changes on HTML page using javascript DOM.

Learn how to validate different types of form elemets using javascript.

Understand what is use of cookies and how to handle them in javascript.

Learn and code to handle keyboard and mouse events performed over the HTML page using event handlers in javascript.

Understand and perform exception handling which is a process or method used for handling the abnormal statements in the code and executing them.

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