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Ignite a spark of creativity in your child with our CSS Kids Training, where young designers embark on a magical journey into the captivating world of web styling.

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CSS Kids Training

Unlock the Art of Web Design with Tech Cryptors’ CSS  Course .Elevate your web development skills with our comprehensive CSS course. Learning fundamentals techniques of CSS, this course empowers you to craft stunning, responsive websites. Enroll now and bring your design visions to life using the magic of CSS! From transforming ordinary web pages to crafting visually enchanting designs, this CSS kids training program unveils the artistry of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 

Course Content

Understanding the role of CSS in web development

Understanding importance of CSS in Web development 

Exploring the different types of CSS

Mastering common CSS properties

Learn to Style Links and Lists

Understanding Typography and Web Fonts

Understanding CSS Variables and Preprocessors

Understanding Anatomy of CSS rules: selectors, properties, and values

Dive into various types of selectors: class, ID, element, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements

Understanding Positioning Elelments

Learning about Box Model 

Learn about Grid in CSS

Learn about Flexbox in CSS

Learn how to give gradient, shadows and shapes 

Learn to add animations and transition to a element 

Learn to create a responsive web using CSS

Learn about CSS Best Practices and Performance Optimization

Understanding all concepts covered in a course using a mini-project

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